Synthesis: Data Backup Basics

ADIDS Element


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Data Backup Basics


15-30 minutes

Trainer’s Note

Make note to budget at least 15 minutes for each of the Optional and main Synthesis sections included here, depending on what you were not able to cover during the earlier parts of this module.


If you’ve chosen to integrate Backup Policy Planning into this Synthesis due to time or the flow of your training session, distribute the Backup Policy Form from Deepening B in the Back Up Policy Hands-On Session if you haven’t done so already.

Synthesize this session by inviting participants to write up a backup policy to inform the discussion points below. Provide participants backup policy form to fill out, either alone, or in groups. They can keep this to themselves or share it with the group, if there is additional time to discuss what they’ve written.


Check whether the information given during the session has been understood, by eliciting the information already taught. This can be done by eleciting a discussion with questions such as:

  • Why is conducting backups useful and important?
  • What is the cost and/or benefit of different approaches?
  • Do you feel you can create a backup policy that works for you?
  • If you didn’t regularly do backup before now, why do you think that was a challenge?
  • Do you think you will be doing backups from now on?
  • What will you be doing differently?
  • What will you back up?
  • Where will you back it up?
  • Where will you store the hardware?
  • How often will you back up?