Safer Browsing - Identity Protection and Privacy

Credits Mallory Knodel, Nick Sera-Leyva, DJ Last Updated 2015-06

This module, which expands on theme of safer browsing techniques, addresses questions of privacy online and how informed use of web browsers and browser settings can help users to gain more control over their online identities. This includes ways to reduce the amount of identifying information users leave behind when visiting websites, and available plug-ins and tools that support these techniques.

Learning Goals for Participants

  • Learn what browser cookies are and how they can be used to track users.
  • Understand that web browsers leak additional information that can identify users.
  • Discover what settings and plugins are available to make browser sessions more private.
  • Explore the Tor Browser Bundle, HTTPS Everywhere, and other solutions for improved browsing privacy and security.

Important Notes

The number of countries where the use of encryption is illegal has decreased, but legal concerns are still very real for some participants. Before a training, review the laws of where your participants live and work, as well as the laws of where you’re conducting the training, to confirm that the use of technologies highlighted in this session, including the Tor Browser Bundle, is allowed.