Before an Event

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When planning digital safety training events and workshops, arguably the most critical phase of the process takes place before the event itself. From risk assessments and establishing baselines of participant experience, to operational and logistical safety and planning, the effort put in before an event can have a huge impact on its success. This multi-part resource details some of these critical basics, built from the documented experience of several experienced trainers.


Creating Safe Spaces

Training can be an emotional experience, in particular for participants experiencing constant stress or trauma. As a trainer, creating a safe space is the basis for your work, crucial for creating a sense of physical safety as well as a sense of confidence in a group.

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LevelUp's Approach to Adult Learning

LevelUp uses ADIDS, an adult-focused approach to learning, and has organized its curriculum for training sessions according to this method - where does this it come from, and why was it chosen?

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Planning Your Event Agenda

Next to figuring out your individual Topics, overall session agenda planning is the probably the most important activity you can spend time on before you get into the classroom. This resource features advice from a number of experienced digital security trainers on preparing agendas (or lesson plans) for your training events.

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Planning Your Training Event

This multi-part resource details the basics of the event planning process, built from the documented experience of several experienced trainers - among these steps are gathering inputs, analyzing these inputs, and their subsequent impact on the design, preparation and orientation of a training event.

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How-To: Preparing Sessions Using ADIDS

How can trainers build LevelUp training sessions into their agendas, or even begin to create new session modules using ADIDS that are based on their own experience? This resource explains how ADIDS lends itself to a more flexible agenda design experience.

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Psychosocial Underpinnings of Security Training

The impact of any training program depends upon the participants’ ability to integrate new information and use that information effectively. Security training emotionally challenges both trainers and trainees in many interesting ways. The study of fear is a deep and thought-provoking area, and as trainers, we learn about ourselves and about those we teach.

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Supporting Self-Care

Hold space for your participants to reflect on the importance of self-care in their daily lives, allowing them to build a definition of self-care in a judgement-free environment.

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How To: Using the LevelUp Trainers' Curriculum

Each of LevelUp's curriculum modules is designed around a topic-based training session, which is in turn composed of a number of distinct parts - this resource explains the basic structure of a session module, and the logic behind this structure.

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