You, The Trainer

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Every trainer is stronger in some areas than in others; however, the best are constantly seeking new ways to improve their skills. Some trainers focus too heavily on the technical details of content; others are amazing at leading activities, but leave participants with little understanding of how tools and practices can make them “safer.” In the worst case scenarios, participants feel alienated from the subject (or the trainer), don’t enjoy themselves, or the workshop leaves them further confused. We've gathered insight and learnings from trainers around the world, and have distilled these into a collection of helpful resources to help digital security trainers consider their personal growth and development.


Be a Better Trainer

There are many different kinds of digital security trainers, with many different habits and practices in turn - how can we be more aware of ourselves, and the impact of our own training habits on participants?

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First 3 Sessions of Your Event

This multi-part guide, written by Chris Michael of Tactical Tech, covers 3 individual sessions that together can set the stage for a training events that are effective, productive, and more participatory from the beginning.

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Golden Rules of Effective Training

How can we as trainers provide solutions to the digital safety concerns of our participants, and communicate about the challenges and realities of these concerns, both responsibly and effectively?

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How To Handle Surprises During Training

From internet outages to uninvited guests, this resource explores tips and advice from fellow trainers on ways to expect the unexpected during your training events.

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Icebreakers, Energizers and Thematic Activities

A practical, and growing, guide of interactive exercises digital security trainers can use during their events to keep energy high, discussion flowing, and participants comfortable.

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Digital Security Trainer

As trainers of digital security, we have certain obligations not only to our participants but to ourselves - this resource summarizes some of the most essential among these duties.

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Setting Expectations For Participants, Organizers, and Yourself

The task of putting yourself, your training participants, and (sometimes) training event organizers on the same page early on before an event can be a difficult one - this resource contains some helpful approaches for facilitating those discussions.

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Trust Building Exercises

Begin the training process by helping your participants get to know and trust one another.

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