Safer Online Advocacy

Credits Indira Cornelio, Alma Uguarte Perez Last Updated 2017-12

This intermediate-level module is tailored specifically for training participants undertaking online campaigning and advocacy actions, in particular those to whom such activities may pose a greater safety risk than normal. These sessions address basic practices for staying safe while conducting online advocacy, raise critical awareness of how users interact and share data with online platforms and services, and explore safe management of online campaign presences.

Learning Goals for Participants

  • Imparting baseline digital security practice recommendations for online campaigning efforts.
  • Identify the kinds of information shared with online platforms commonly used for advocacy.
  • Strategize tactics for using online platforms safely for online activism efforts.
  • Introduce the concept of metadata, and its impact on users’ digital safety.
  • Identify safer practices to implement for managing and protecting campaign websites.