Synthesis: Safer Software Updating

ADIDS Element


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Safer Software Updating


15-20 minutes


Ask participants if they have questions before completing the session.

  • Ask for a volunteer to summarize what they have learned about safe software practices.
  • If important points have been missed, ask others to chime in.

You may also wish to ask specific questions to make sure some concepts are clearly understood. As a final group activity, explain that you have some challenging scenarios prepared and that you are seeking the participants guidance (as they are now experts!) about what to do.

What would they advise?

  • You may choose to have each of these as an individual slide in a presentation, or you may simply read the scenarios aloud:
  • A windows update notification asks if I would like to install now or later. I am busy so I press ignore. I am always busy!
  • I need to edit some documents for school/work, but my new computer doesn’t have Microsoft Office. The local technician says it costs (Insert reasonably unaffordable price in local currency)! Instead, I go downtown and pick it up on a CD for cheap.
  • I am installing software, and the installer asks if I would like to install the Free CandyFish Toolbar with Translation Widget and the CandyFish Searchbox. Continue or No Thanks?
  • My friend just told me about a security app that will help protect all my documents. She puts the installer file on a flash drive and gives it to me to install on my computer.
  • I read an article recommending a free application that might speed up my computer called CCleaner. The article links to a site where I can download it called I go there, download the app and install it.
  • I am using Windows XP.